Sad news League fans with dreams of an MMO. Marc Merrill was just “being playful”. Variety spoke with Riot Games’ communications director about the tweet and what it might mean. He informed them that Merrill was just trying to “encourage players to think of what Riot’s long-term goals could look like.”

So. No LoL MMO… at least for now.


By now, we all know Riot Games has been talking about expanding their game library from just League of Legends to… more games. While the company hasn’t announced any official projects, the company’s founders have something in the works. At least, that’s why they dropped their administrative duties in order to be involved in new development projects.

The thing is… we have no idea what they’re actually working on. It’s a mystery. But, now, thanks to Co-Founder Marc Merrill, we can at least reasonably speculate that an MMO is at least being thrown around the office as a project idea — one that they’re thinking enough about for him to ask the Riot Twitter community what they think.

So far, the reaction seems to be mostly positive. Some seem pretty excited about what they assume will be an MMO set in the League universe. It might work pretty well. The company has spent a lot of time laying out lore for the game, so there’s a good bit of the work already done.

Of course, Merrill could just be viciously messing with our heads. What’s your opinion on a potential Riot MMO though? Let us know below!

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  1. They have lore and a universe to explore and expand, they have the economic resources as well and experience with F2P, why not?

  2. I’d like to see them take on the making of an MMORPG.
    I can see it probably taking a very long time to reach alpha stage even.. but sounds like a unique game nonetheless. Brings a lot into question.
    They have a story and lore already down, but what would become of the champions? Will they have a leader type role? Will there be different races and classes to choose from?
    It’ll probably be P2P or have DLC if it’s as good as people are anticipating it to be. I just hope it isn’t going to be a major flop (if they do create it), that would be a huge let-down to the Riot community.. Would play 7-Day Trial lol

  3. They can’t properly balance their moba game and want to create mmo now…
    On top of it how would they make classes if every character does what ever he wants. You can’t add generic classes alongside characters with such different abilities.
    So it would be a game mainly build on lore but places are just regular sand place, snow place, jungle place, bad kingdom and good kingdom.
    Only way I can see this to be made is if you are some generic dude where you do stuff for LoL champions but then what is the point of the game. Everyone wants to play as certain champions.

    • Do you think they’re CAN’T balance? They don’t WANT to. That’s completely different story and done on purpose 🙂 They make different characters OP from time to time to force players buy them [if they haven’t bough before]…then they make it too weak even for creep killing and make another one OP:”Hey! I need few more thousands for new Ferrari, PAY MEEEEeeee…..!”

  4. This comment is not for the fans of RIOT’s product*you’re welcome*

    I’m having a vibe of the second coming of Wildstar

  5. lol no thanks, it would either be a genric MMO with some character cameos which owuld be meh at best, or just 50 people rolling garen to spin through mobs of enemies, either way not exactly ground breaking or worthwhile

    • At first I also wanted to say something along the lines of “they didn’t get to where they are today by being original, so I won’t hold my breath”. But then I remembered how Blizzard are the opposite of originality too, and yet people still love their games.

    • I don’t know of any definition of MMO that includes LoL being in it. LoL literally goes against the main definition of an MMO.

      • Then you’ve never seen developers / publishers go nuts with definitions when promoting their games. We may agree on “proper” definitions all we like, devs will still use them however they see fit.

        You can never know what they mean by something as nonspecific as “MMO”, “P2W”, “fun”, etc. I’ve even seen lobby-based racing games promoted as MMOs.

        • Man, I keep triggering the “your comment is awaiting moderation”. Is something wrong with my speech, am I being extra edgy or something? It can be difficult to tell, since English isn’t my first language and there’s likely a significant cultural difference.

          Kinda feel bad for the ones on moderation duty every time I leave a comment, as I’m sure they have more important things to do.


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