Are you one of the best Legends of Runeterra players on the planet? If so, what are you doing here? Get back to the game and grind that competitive ladder!

Still here? Fine, then I guess you should know about LoR’s Seasonal Tournaments, billed as the “the apex of competition … exclusively for the best of the best.” They’ll take place every two months — at the end of a season, naturally — with spots going to the top 700 players on each shard (Americas, Asia, Europe, and Southeast Asia) and 324 additional players in the Last Chance Gauntlet.

To qualify via the latter route, you’ll need to net seven wins on your first attempt at the Last Chance Gauntlet. That task can be made a little easier if you get seven wins in your first attempt at a weekly Gauntlet; every time you do that, you’ll receive a Prime Glory, and up to five of those will count as a win in the Last Chance Gauntlet.

The first rounds of the Seasonal Tournament take place over two days, whittling the field down to 32. Those players then square off a week later in a single elimination bracket for the grand prize of $10,000, with lesser prizes to the rest of the top 32.

The deadline for qualifying for the first tournament is Dec. 4. The first round takes place the weekend of Dec. 6, with the round of 32 happening next week, on the 13th. If you’re not playing, you can watch the 32-player bracket “on various channels” that Riot Games will identify later. For more on Legends of Runeterra’s Seasonal Tournaments, check out the FAQ on the website.

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