Riot Games Increasing Pricing On Premium Currency For LoL And TFT By 9-20%, Running "Sale" Ahead Of The Increase

The company blames worldwide inflation, among other things.

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Riot Games Price Increases

In August, fans of Riot Games…well, games…will be spending more real-world money for in-game currency. The company announced earlier this week that it plans to change the pricing on in-game currency for both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. Both RP and TFT Coin will be being adjusted in several regions – “to account for worldwide inflation, currency fluctuations, maintaining fair prices between and within regions, consistency across [their] products, and other associated cost increases."

The post notes that Tencent will be handling these changes in its own way in their regions “due to price structure differences”. It also adds that Garena regions won’t be seeing any price changes – for now.

While some places, like Poland, are reportedly seeing as much as a 20% price increase, the changes for North America and Canada (And yes, we know Canada is part of North America, but that’s how Riot broke it up, so talk to them.) aren’t quite as bad at 9.8% and 9.9%.

The company isn’t just jacking the prices up that much, however. It involves a bit more tinkering than that. Specifically, the company is also changing prices so that they fit the .99 format. For North America, instead of receiving 650 of the in-game currency for $5, players will now get 575 for $4.99, or 1380 in-game currency will run $10.99 instead of $10.

These changes will take effect on August 19. Prior to that, the company is offering players double “bonus RP” and “bonus TFT coins” when they purchase either between July 14 and July 31.

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hihihiok 1 year ago
Wont be buying any till the change it back then. Already paying out the ass for food and gas...

Flintstone 1 year ago
Are you sure Riot have not caught blizzardoom.

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