is reporting that Riot Games Global Head of Consumer Products Ron Johnson has been placed on leave from the company following posts he made on Facebook related to the death of George Floyd. Johnson shared an image of Floyd that detailed his criminal history, while also commenting that his killing should serve as a “learning opportunity” that “this type of criminal lifestyle never results in good things happening to you or those around you.”

A spokesperson for Riot Games responded to Vice, saying that they were made aware of Johnson’s post and have launched an investigation. “We’ll say firmly that the sentiment in that image is abhorrent, against our values, and directly counter to our belief that addressing systemic racism requires immediate societal change, which we detailed in the commitments we made Friday.”

The incident serves as a continuation of Riot’s tumultuous past couple of years, which has seen the company rocked by claims of sexism and an overall toxic work culture. It responded to those allegations by offering to take “steps forward” to address these issues, which resulted in the suspension of its COO.

Update, June 12: Johnson has resigned from Riot Games. ESPN obtained a copy of the memo that was sent around the Riot offices Thursday night by CEO Nicolo Laurent which reads, in part:

“I believe Ron exercised really poor judgment here. It resulted in a post that was harmful to many of us and our broader community. … Ron understands this and recognizes that he will be ineffective as a leader at Riot going forward. As a result, he has resigned, effective today.”

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    • Unfortunately it’ll take some time to move on with two complete opposite sides facing one another. Trump on one hand is making things worse on the matter as he never once was sincere about BLM and calling out everyone who are for BLM as “antifas, terrorists, democraps, etc.”. All he ever did for this situation was bringing in more military forces to cause more war and destruction. Then there’s the BLM movement which I understand, but then there are those who are extorting the event to loot and cause more problems (where they don’t really care about BLM but using it as a cover-up so they can commit crime). If people could see there is racism going on in our country then we can all probably get along, but there are too many people that keep saying “All lives matter” when we all know they do but it’s cause they haven’t experienced true racism hence why black lives matter since they are one of the minority races of this country that have went through a lot. We want to value black people as equal as they still have not been fully accepted yet by a large group of people, usually Trump supporters. Heck I’m Asian and I’ve experienced it by a dude wearing a MAGA hat who assumed I was Chinese and told me I should take the virus back to “Chyna”. So as you can see, America still has racism at its finest, part of which I believe is cause of all the “jokes” that Trump made and a lot of his supporters apparently listen and follow him. Heck they even call coronavirus a hoax due to what Trump keeps tweeting.

  1. He has a right to his opinion that opinion should of been the air. Today live media is huge with the populace typing away this and that, anything can go wrong and it generally does.

    We all make mistakes in life. There is no justice if the justice is not served to those employed to enforce the law too.
    No person should be chocked or from other police take downs, should anyone be held down by any amount of police. No officer should automatically shoot to kill, law training needs change to lean towards shoot to maim not shoot to kill, unless of the maim never worked.
    Any law officer who breaks their own laws they use to arrest needs the book thrown at them and not a pat on the back.
    Protests should be peaceful your only trying to voice your opinion, don”t destroy your own town, voice it and help clean it.
    Note. The Earth is still drowning in PLASTIC.

  2. Even if he was a criminal there was no reason to plaster him all over the ground and then step on his neck. You can put someone in handcuffs without all that just fine if handcuffs were even necessary in the first place, and you can put someone into a car without any violence involved just fine as well.

    Murica-cops (and perhaps all cops everywhere) need to learn to talk first and only after resort to man-handling, if required.

    It’s obvious that riot is trying to put a barrier between themselves and the looting apes out there with this statement, i can’t blame them.

    • But the technicality remains. If you don’t commit a crime. Then you should be fine. Common sense.

      I’m not saying what happen to George Floyd was OK. Cause obviously it wasn’t. But there is a lot more then meets the eye in this case. For the fact Chauvin and Floyd actually knew each other. And had worked together as security guards for a nightclub.

      For all we know this was all personal.

      As for American police officers, spelt with a “A”, needing to learn to talk first. And assuming they don’t know how to talk first. Is asinine. I am sure in the same situation he would have been handcuffed, questioned, then arrested. Then met in a court of law.

      Innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz.

  3. Has anyone got a definitive list of all these cucked, virtue signaling gaming companies? I’d be interested in one right about now…


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