On the eve of the League of Legends World Championship, Riot Games has just released a new trailer which pays tribute to some of this seasons most impactful esport heroes. Unlike other traditional trailers of this sort, which usually feature action shots of the players in tournaments or having a staring content with a camera while posing menacingly; Riot’s new trailer takes a different approach. A distinctively anime approach:

If the trailer looks a little “The Last Airbender”, it’s because Riot enlisted the help of StudioMir, one of the studios responsible for the series animation. Admittedly, Airbending looks less silly compared to Esports players performing martial arts maneuvers with giant mantis arms, though I did particularly enjoy the Gragas ballet.

League of Legend’s World Championship is set to begin tomorrow at 8pm PDT between SK Telecom T1 and Royal Club. You can watch it all play out Live on Riot’s official Esports site.

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  1. Until you achieved level 30 summoner, (played like a 100 or so games), maybe played with friends , YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to give opinion on this game simply because you dont know the f*ck you are talking about.

    On topic now
    Trailer was as expected. Well thought upon and enjoyable. Love the comparison of Scarra and Alex not to mention the others.

    • I had 1 lvl 30 account and had over 1k games in season 2 and another lvl 20 something account and now i hate this game because of all the stupid kids raging every games especially in ranked and the game gets boring when you waste 40 minutes of your time in a losing game because your team keeps raging at each other.

      • And you get all this for free 😀
        and Agreed on certain part of the community but that doesnt make the game bad but the players themselves.

        Was expecting more of a constructive criticism of the game like
        1. maybe repetitiveness
        2. or not so big of a challenge
        3. server side complaints
        4. something something

        and its all good. us gamers create the game experience wise in a certain percentage.

  2. Leagues is ok honestly i dont care much for it. Just because its the number one game doesnt mean im going to follow all the other geese who like it just for the reason of it being number one. Smite on the other hand is new and has room to blossom.

  3. no one came here because of the game. its was posted here on mmobomb because the trailer it self is impressive. nothing boring is posted on mmobomb, well unless your not a nerd for anime/games like me. snork snork 😀

    • You do realize league was the #1 watch sport last year… and is the one of the top played games.. are you that slow? lmfao

      • That doesn’t mean anything. Just because a game is #1 in certain things doesn’t mean everyone must play/watch/care about it.

      • This may come as a shock to you, but not everyone likes League of Legends. I, for one, do not like the game at all and just came to watch the trailer (as it sounded intriguing).
        Just because it was the #1 watched e-sport, and that it is one of the top played games doesn’t mean that people will instantly care about the game.

      • Am I the only one left on this planet that finds calling a video game a “Sport” is about the most stupid thing you can possibly do…

        • why? at the end of the day its just people playing games, i find sports/esports no different from eachother just people playing a game and getting paid for it.

      • Just like football/soccer, but that shit is boring to. LoL is cringeworthy to watch and it still isn’t a sport.


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