Legislation may or may not be coming, but at least some game developers are starting to realize they need to be just the tiniest bit more transparent about their loot boxes. Today, Riot Games took an important step in that direction, revealing the drop odds for its Hextech and Masterwork Chests in League of Legends.

On the Riot support site, you can find a Hextech Crafting Guide, posted today, which explains how to obtain and use the goodies found in Hextech Chests. They (and their keys) can be earned through gameplay or via purchase in the League store. The odds of getting items, including bonus items, from a Hextech chest is then laid out in a chart:

A similar chart describes what you can get out of a Masterwork chest, which will be more expensive and introduced during patch 8.7:

There are naturally a few exceptions and special cases with regards to these chests, including “bad luck protection” that actually raises the odds of getting a skin shard slightly, so if you’re interested, we recommend reading the blog post.


  1. Skinshards are legit useless by the way if you already own all the champions, what’s the point of having blue essence if you can’t spend it on anything else besides those things and the occasional chromas? It’s pointless.


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