Mgame USA has announced the release of Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE), a new fantasy MMORPG. The free to play game has players pledge allegiance to a dragon lord in the fantasy world of Piral, a majestic land overcome by a disastrous war. This sword-slinging and spell-casting adventure has players embark on an epic journey to defeat the malefic dragon Deablo and his plans to dominate the world.

Dedicated gamers can experience engaging story quests, unique pet system centered on hatching a dragon, engaging PvP systems, RvR wars, a forthcoming castle siege mode, and much more all for free. Players will also be treated to giveaways and special prizes today, with an Alienware laptop, PS Vitas, graphics cards, and more up for grabs in this weekend’s Dragon Coin Event!

Choose between two nations, six races, and four classes to cast spells, battle and engage with fellow players. Featuring unique gameplay that allows players to not only ride dragons for aerial combat, but raise and evolve their own dragon mount as well, RODE provides dedicated gamers with an action packed and tense experience both on the ground and in the sky.

Join in on the adventure here:


  1. Game has some promise to be a solid F2P. Need’s bug fixes of course. key mapping is clunky atm.
    ex. I would map a shift+F and it would still use my normal F ability.

    All in all its fun, ima take a month off till they fix some bugs and give it another try

  2. I did have some problems starting the game; it seems as though they don’t have a traditional launcher you start from your desktop, but instead require you to log into their website via internet explorer (or use an extension for Firefox). Only then will it start the launcher. To make matters worse, I got kicked three times just in the character creation process; and couldn’t even start the game once I created my character because of continual crashing while loading the start area…seems like they have many bugs to work out.

    • They do have a traditional launcher. During the first closed beta players had to log in through their website and start the game from there, but there were a lot of complains so they later released a launcher/updater. The game start button on their website is obsolete.

    • You needed to patch whatever version you are using. It is posted on the site.
      There is a launched. There are 3 launchers actually in the final product. In the game file there is:
      RODE File Check.exe
      RODE Update.exe
      RODE Online.exe

      Rode online is the launcher, sign in through this boxy looking window.

      RODE FileCheck.exe is a cool launcher that has a dragon graphic thing. It AUTO UPDATES and patches. There is a game start button which takes you to the Rode Online launcher square window thing mentioned above.

      Rode Update, is the same as RODE Filecheck.exe, but does not work for me, it says “Cant find filepath… But that is ok. Just cancel it out, run the filecheck, and enjoy the game 🙂

  3. Great game! Allot to offer and free. Things I do not like. Bag space as of lvl 4 gets cramped! BUT no worry! There is a bank, just after the noob experience.
    POt spamming mob fest. Shit gets hard quick. Have to learn skill baby. As a cleric, I have to learn to kite early on, with strategic potion here and there.

    Really bad. Skills expensive. Not just excessive skills, but necessary.

  4. Maybe now you should do a REAL first look video, that last one was more like a “way too long look at RODE PvP” not the “creation to noob area” first look like usual. Jumping ahead on things just to have articles going up isn’t very Pro, I expect the best news from MMOBomb, not rushed stuff.

    • In one sense I agree with you but in another i am forced to think the pvp first look is a good thing since it is one of the core features you have to look forward to after the grind of leveling, if a player knows in advance weather end game content will be good or bad they will know weather to invest time in a game or not. I think more devs should take this approach in previewing content so people will know weather a game is worth the effort to level all the way or if pve is the main factor. It is nice to know both though so maybe they could do a second look and talk about the leveling process.

  5. i would wait a while to try it. whether it is from the amount of people, or poor coding, the gameplay is severely glitchy. the gameplay is not smooth, and the running is very blocky (when you run, the motions skip a few frames, making it look odd). i give it a 10/10 on storyline, but a 3/10 on actual gameplay at the moment. this may be revised after the player base spreads out to other areas, or if they fix the bugs.


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