Rocket League Devs Banned A "Vast Majority Of Accounts" Using Bots And Adds "Cheating" Report Reason Back

"We will continue to monitor for bots and take appropriate action against any players/accounts using them."

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Rocket League Bots Issue

Developer Psyonix updated Rocket League players today via Reddit following the introduction of third-party bots to online matches, which became a hot topic among the community. The devs reported taking action against numerous accounts running bots in Rocket League earlier today, issuing a banwave hitting a "vast majority of accounts."

The banwave covers accounts using bots that first appeared towards the end of 2022. Psyonix will "continue to monitor for bots" and take action against players/accounts using them going forward. In addition, the devs brought back the "Cheating" report reason for Rocket League, which will help them address bots in future matches quicker with the assistance of their community.

As their monitoring efforts continue, Psyonix is also taking steps to introduce additional anti-cheat functions into Rocket League. Details are sparse on it since it's still a work-in-progress initiative with their engineering teams, but they hope to share more once closer to implementation.

You can read the entire announcement on Reddit.

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