Rocket League Is Turning 7 And They’re Having A...(Ahem)...Ball

No, not that kind of a ball.

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Rocket League Anniversary Ball

Rocket League is celebrating its 7th anniversary. It may not feel like it’s been seven years but apparently, it has. To celebrate the anniversary, Psyonix is introducing a new limited-time event, the Birthday Ball. Yes, there are already balls in the game, but not like this.

The Birthday Ball is a two-week-long event featuring two modes – one for each week. The first is the 2v2 Heatseaker mode. This mode kicked off today and will last until July 13. It gives the ball special homing abilities that will make it more likely to hit the opponent’s goal. When that event ends, it will be replaced with Knockout. Knockout has players using Attack, Block, and Grab mechanics to throw players out of the Quadron, Carbon, and Calavera Arenas. The last car left wins, battle royale style.

The Birthday Ball also features special challenges that upon completion will earn players 300 Credits. Players can also earn a Golden Goat Player Banner, the Precious Metal Avatar Border, and other potential items like the Import Item Drop or 20,000 XP.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an event without shop items. This is where players will find the Top Hat: Anniversary Edition Topper seen above.

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Flintstone 1 year ago
There problem is they are always being kicked about, n', dribbled all over the plce, crossing everyone, then, nutting in a few to help themselves get some scores together. thats their problem. lol :)

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