It’s time for Season 2 of Rocket League, which we told you would be kicking off on Dec. 9 — and look at that! Today is the ninth! What a coincidence!

All the stuff we told you about last week is in today’s update: the neon arena, new Rocket Pass, new cars, new flags, and more. That includes enhanced video quality settings for the Xbox Series X and S, with up to 4K and 1080p graphics, respectively. There’s also a new “tactical quick chat” for getting those vital messages out quickly to your teammates, and various “aesthetic and color changes” to the UI.

Another prominent new feature is the addition of player anthems, songs you select that will be played throughout the arena when you score a goal, notch an Epic Save, or receive MVP honors after a match. You’ll start with just five songs, and more can be unlocked through the usual progression means. I just hope they’re all DMCA-compliant …

You can get the broad overview of the new update here and here, or check out the detailed patch notes over here.

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