Hi-Rez Studios and First Watch Games have released the Vice update for Rogue Company, which adds a new map meant to emulate Miami — get it? — as well as a new mechanic for punishing match quitters and a slate of bug fixes and improvements.

The new map is available in Practice Extraction, Strikeout, Demolition modes, and is described as:

“The streets of Miami are illuminated and electrifying sounds of nightlife echo through the night. The Zero Drop Rave is the place to be, but a menacing danger looms over the EDM music and laser lights. Rogue Company has been called in to save the party and the day on this new map called Vice.”

Also new with this patch is a leaver penalty with increasing time limits before being able to re-queue. It’s only five minutes for the first offense, ranging up to three hours for the fourth. You can also easily undo Perk purchases, and there are options for left-handed and colorblind players.

The list of bug fixes includes “Player names should no longer appear as numbers” and “Sprays used near a player should no longer stick to them.” No more tagging your friend, 2837163. See the full patch notes for the Vice update on the Rogue Company site.


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