When mounts were added in Guild Wars 2‘s last expansion, they also came with races for each mount. Roller beetles were added in a later update, and didn’t have a race of their own. That changes tomorrow, with not one, but five racing tracks for GW2’s newest mount.

The new race tracks are found all throughout Tyria, in Brisban Wildlands, Diessa Plateau, Snowden Drifts, Gendarren Fields, and Mount Maelstrom. Before embarking on your grand tour, you can learn the basics of beetle racing just south of Overlake Haven Waypoint in Kessex Hills. There will be racing-related daily achievements until Dec. 25, with prizes galore.

If in-game prizes aren’t enough for you, how about the chance to win some real-world prizes? Compete in at least one race per week to have a chance to win items ranging from PC components to a big-screen TV to a “four-day, three-night dune buggy adventure in San Diego for you and your favorite riding partner.”

The big prize, however, is a “real roller beetle racing-themed car.” You’ll need to opt-in to receive entries into that, but what’s a little marketing email in your already full-to-bursting inbox?

Learn the basics of Guild Wars 2’s roller beetle races here and all the contests and giveaways, as well as maps of the race routes, over here.

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