Perfect World may be getting a “Mastered Version” if the rumors are to be believed. Over the weekend, a post popped up on Reddit discussing leaked videos of the game’s reboot.

The post claims that the videos are of a game loosely titled “Perfect World Mastered Version” and that it will be a “fast-paced action combat game” made in Unreal Engine 4. Apparently, the game will utilize QTEs for combos and it will support game devices.

No other information is avilable on the game at this time, but you can get a peek at some leaked videos below. Keep in mind that since they’re leaks, they’re not the best quality. (And, no, I’m not sure why some of the characters heads are blurred out.)

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  1. The old game was so good until they made it Pay 2 Win. I played the game for so many years, miss the old time. Hope this one does not suck cuz even if it has a new graphic, the greedy publisher will still ruin it.

  2. Perfect world is a brilliant game and if it does get a revamp/engine update, which most of these older games desperately need, it would be great to play it nice and crisp and clean. 🙂

  3. wow this is great news Perfect World is one of the better f2p publisher and that thay are gona swish to unreal 4 on Perfect World the game is good news it is one of the better mmorpg games out there and cant wait try it out in modern touch. with all the Mobile mmo im exited get a new take on old mmorpg on pc with engine swamp. this great wish more companys did this.


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