UPDATE: The site linked below is no longer available to view…looks like I guessed correctly and it being publically available was a mistake. Luckily the quote below was a copy/paste word for word…we’ll have to see if it stays in the released version of the manual, though.

This is a bit of “take it with a grain of salt” news, but possibly good news nonetheless. Up until now, we knew that Phantasy Star Online 2 would be coming to the west via two platforms, Xbox One (which starts closed beta this weekend) and a Windows 10 launch sometime later this year. That may not be the only way to play the game though as what appears to be a development version of the PSO2 site has quite a bit more content, including a game manual.

While I’m not quite sure if this site should be publically accessible yet or not, (no official announcement of the site being updated on the PSO2 Twitter exists as of this writing), the game manual is where some potentially interesting news can be found. Again, take this as “rumor” for the moment since the manual itself isn’t complete and has plenty of placeholders, but when it comes to the “Game” section of the manual, there is an interesting call out that isn’t XBox One or Windows 10…it’s Steam.

Steam: Open the Steam client and search for “Phantasy Star Online 2” under the “Library” section, then click “Play”. If you opted to create a desktop shortcut, simply double click on the shortcut to launch the game.

Taking it at face value, it means we would see PSO2 coming to Steam some time in the future. Whether this is a 2020 plan, or even a plan at all really, remains to be seen. This could also factor into making the game available outside of North America in the future as well. We’ll be keeping an eye on it! In the meantime, there are plenty of informational blogs on how to do various game functions, so at least there’s something to read until Friday…that is unless it was a mistake for the site to be accessible and they take it down!

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  1. Seems like Gaben gonna get some CASHEN from SEGA’s transactions…
    Joke aside…why? PSO2 in JP and SEA (earlier) don’t/didn’t use any side-launchers/servers for the game…why Global release gonna go through this cycle of hell?


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