Runewaker Entertainment’s long-running MMO Runes of Magic is making its way to Steam. It’s been a little over 9 years since the game originally launched, so it was probably about time for the game to hit Valve’s platform. If nothing else, it’ll likely give the game a nice little population boost for a bit by attracting new players.

A true Steam release date is not available for Runes of Magic. However, it is set to launch this month. So… we have about a week to wait… max. We’ll just have to keep an eye on the game’s Steam page.

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  1. Ahahaha, one of the first mmorpgs I ran to after I quit sub based WoW. It was unique enough in it’s class building system, and to this day, the only F2P mmorpg I actually put money into, not much, but enough for a mount and cosmetics.
    Then one day, around 20ish level I think, I hit a field of daily repeat quests that have caps on it. The exp reward is huge. The trick was to pay real cash and get resets to dailies, to farm that and get to level 40 in like a day, skip the entire mid content map, pay again in a farm zone to end content farm, then pay more to socket the right gems to make you raid worthy.
    THAT killed the game for me. You could try and do map by map normal questing, but it was so slow, and so poorly made, with boring quest dialog and events that it just was a huge uninstall for me. Sadly the company changed names like twice, took my cash balance, and I have no idea if my user data exists on their end any more.

  2. Man I used play this game (alot i played from 2009-2013) but I hate to say it, it’s to little to late. The game is 9 1/2 years old and believe me the game is deader than 12pm in a sports bar. I tried playing it last summer. It is like a ghost town no matter where you go in 2014-15 was it not, they closed 90% of the servers. It’s a sinking ship, instead of throwing life jackets their wanting more to join them on the titanic of a game lol. It’s all about that cash shop profit. It was their fault the game died they made some really drastic changes in was it 2011-12 and most of the players left sadly. Looks like they still trying to screw people in 2018 be wary people, be wary.

    • I keep this short as possible. A dead game isn’t always a bad thing, but this game has player driven economy. Because of the auction house is the main way of squiring stuff, but the game is so dead that you can’t find weapons and armor for chars from level 1-80 think 85 was level cap last time I played. Could be higher now, only people that seem to be left was end gamers.

      Nothing wrong with that, other than the fact if you new to game, finding items between level 1-end game level yer screwed, you’ll have a hard time from level 50 an onward, as the enemies start to scale up greatly from that point in difficulty, health pools and damage output.
      While over dura greens can do with end game stat adds, finding the money for them stats may present new comers yet another deep challenge to acquire. (unless you can find a gold seller and break your ToS agreement) As they arn’t cheap like back in RoM’s prime days.

      When I played the game regularly, I would plan ahead 10 & 20 levels. Buy sets of gear for my char (which is multi class 3 dif classes 2 actives). I could return be ok up till level 75, but after that I’d be screwed to lol. Why I didn’t stick round back in 2017 when i returned to see how the game was fairing. All I can say, it is very sickly and feeble. The final nail isn’t in the coffin, but not far from it either.

  3. This game is like 2nd job very boring and no one pay you but you pay . Its PAY TO WIN with very bad and complicated crafting system .Very annoying daily quests alot of Stupid quests , prepare to google quests for many many many hours game is very bugged still and i not see the point to play it now, its empty only cheaters/hackers hangout there and donors who cheat for cash and buying pay to win stuff.

  4. nothing more then pay to they dumb down how much diamonds you get from what you used to be able to buy so basically they are ripping folks off..thats why most hack the game


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