Runes Of Magic Prepares To Launch Its 2023 Winter Events

Snow is falling over Taborea.

Troy Blackburn
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Runes of Magic Xmas 2023

It's nearly time for the Runes of Magic Winter Events. New adventures, wild monsters, and many other events await.

Between December 24th and January 1st Runes of Magic players will receive a letter from Santa every day with gifts galore. The presents will land in the mailbox of the first character you log in with each day.

Protect the children whose snowballs have gone astray and hit monsters who lash out at them. In doing so you'll earn yourself a reward. From December 8th through the 14th you can earn a 200% increase in drop rates. From December 15th through the 21st you will gain 150% experience from quests and mobs and 150% talent points from mobs. From December 22nd through January 1st you'll gain 300% experience from quests and mobs plus 300% talent points from mobs and a 200% drop rate boost.

Upgrade parts will also have an increased drop rate in Mirror Instances between December 1st and January 1st. Plus there are plenty of items to acquire from vendors in exchange for different Runes. Check out the official forum post for all the details.

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