As the June 5th launch of RuneScape‘s Menaphos The Golden City Expansion nears, Jagex is revealing more and more of what players can expect when it finally gets here. Today, the RuneScape team has elected to reveal a new Slayer Dungeon. This dungeon takes players into the catacombs under Menaphos’ twin city Sophanem. The city is beset with a plague and players must descend into the catacombs in order to fight against this corruption before it spreads to Menaphos.

Once in the dungeon, players will travel from the burial tombs near the surface to far underground where they will fight the worshipers of the gods and corrupted monsters. Loot dropped in this dungeon will automatically be sent to a loot chest, allowing players to keep their mind on the fight.

In addition to the new Slayer Dungeon, players can also look forward to a Slayer-specific level cap increase — to 120.

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