Yesterday, Jagex announced that its popular free-to-play MMO RuneScape earned the company three new Guinness World Records. The new records are:

“Most original pieces of music in a video game” with 1,198
“Most users of an MMO videogame” — 254 million
“Most prolifically-updated MMORPG videogame”

The game has been updated 1,054 times.

These records are not the only ones that Jagex holds for their work on RuneScape. The company currently holds records for “Most fish in a video game”, “First MMO videogame to release an ‘old school’ version, and “Most video-game related forum posts per day”. Apparently RuneScape fans love to post on the forums and set the record in 2013 while posting an average of 27,000 posts a day.

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  1. two of the three are stupid. 254 million users might sound good but how many of those were and are bots.
    Most prolifically-updated MMORPG videogame – how many of these are content updates and not just hot fixes.

    • @SHARAK214

      254 million is a huge achievement even if half of them are bots… People hold records for longest hair and longest finger nails, I’m pretty sure having 254 MILLION players sign up for your game is a MASSIVE achievement and deserves listing..

      And the majority or the updates will have been content, otherwise they would just keep purposely doing hotfixes to make the number much higher than 1000. That wouldn’t be allowed nor counted by the records I would imagine (otherwise some company would do 2000 within a week just to beat them and get the publicity)


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