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There’s no disputing RuneScape was/is one of the most popular browser MMOs available, and it’s seen its share of users come and go over the years, but there’s one thing it hasn’t seen just yet: an expansion pack. That’s all about to change with the release of Lost City of the Elves, the very first content addition of its kind for for the 13-year-old free-to-play title that inspired many (including yours truly) to delve deeper into the genre. And with the introduction of the expansion comes the end of a quest that loyal fans have been undertaking for over a decade. Elf Quest is soon to be no more, with Plague’s End, a brand new quest to sate players’ thirsts for adventure, on the horizon.

Lost City of the Elves takes Runescape faithful on a journey to the land of Prifddinas, the largest city ever conceived in the game. Given players’ penchant a for hardcore exploration even back during the adventure’s original conception, this should be incentive for players both new and old to either return to the richly-detailed world Jagex has created or begin fresh as newbies.

The update is being rolled out in three parts since it’s of such a large scale, however, adding parts of the game now, a third in September, and the final third of content in October. Players can expect additional mini games, new skill training methods, weapons and armor, and even a max guild social hub for those who have everything — completionists, if you will.

The Plague’s End initiative is a huge undertaking for Jagex, especially given the game’s apparent ability to have coasted by on one massive area and quest to explore over this last decade or so. Jagex could easily have left well enough alone, but offered a brand new slice of content instead, which is impressive.

Will you be checking out the updates as they go live?

By Brittany Vincent

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. To everyone that reads this,just ignore the hate comments.
    The majority of people from my age (20) have all played this game as a kid and for some reason they hate on it for now “cause it’s for kids” eventho over 75% of the people i know ingame are 18+.

    Anyway,the game has been getting alot of hate since the release of EoC (=Evolution of Combat) 2 years ago,if you dont know what this includes I suggest you to youtube “pre eoc”,the most boring,click and wait,combat system you can imagine got replaced for a combat system with abilities and requires a certain amount of skill now to get the best combos off.

    The people that disliked this have been crying ever since the release now,jagex gave them an 07 server from way back in the day AND added an interface into the livegame with the pre-EoC combat system and interface and still they complain.

    As a RuneScape-veteran that has been playing this game for nearly a decade I think it’s safe to say that all wankers and wannabe-pkers and all other vermin either play 07scape now or have moved to other games so the community is actually very enjoyable now compared to the past,so just give it a shot.

  2. Howdy guys, just wanted to reply to all the “Pay-to-Play” commentors…

    Guess what…absolutely every Membership Monthly Sub, Member Items, etc are 100% acquirable in game without ever paying real cash.
    Check out Bonds(Selling for 6.5m each roughly on the CoT) – each one grants you 15 days free membership.
    Go beside varrock, kill some Cock’la’roaches for rune scimies and other valuables, then go and sell them at -5% to -10% the CoT standard value, and after a day or two you’ll have 1 month free membership.

    I did it beginning of the year – spent two days killing roaches when I seen Bonds were added for nonmembs to become member… Now, I have a year of membership and 500m in gold with twice that in gear after only playing as a member for a month almost 2 and not logged on since.

    So guess what you noobers, QQers, and dafts… Membership is Free ! As are loyalty points, etc…etc…etc.

    Troll on!

  3. Yo guys have bonds right? That negate goldfarmer’s business/while also having chance to get free keys,runecoins and free membership with cost of gp? Honestly that’s really good consept and you have chance of getting free membership as F2P. And if you don’t like i just hope you “Go home and die.”

  4. im quite surprised no1 mentioned bonds here.

    To those who dont know, bonds are these f2p things that lets you get 14 days of membership for free.
    These bonds can be aquired via playing the game or paying with irl cash!

    So this whole game is pretty much free if u manage to get 6m+ every 14 days and with that in mind, this is the most free to play kind of browser game out there! Cuz like i sed, if u work hard enough to get 6m b4 ur bond runs out u could jus buy another one and enjoy 100% of the game without spending a penny!

  5. everyone cries about omg this game is pay to win, i dont pay a cent for this game but i always have members and I don’t even get on that much, its so easy to make money in this game and you can buy members subscription with ingame cash

  6. I plan on subscribing and delving into this great quest to finally reach the place that has been talked about for many years, this is a major update to runescape something that will make Varrock look like a village, and runescape is f2p most of its content is not hidden behind a paygate I should know I’ve played the game for almost 8 years now believe it or not and its quite the game f2p might not have all the useless skills that members have and yes I said useless cause thats what member skills are, and you dont have to be a member to look cool anymore thats what the cosmetic shop is for and one cannot say its a bad game since it truly is one of the few besides everquest longest standing mmos out there that started in the late 1990’s.

    • Most of the content is not free. Id be so bold to say that at least 80% or even more is behind the paywall. And it’s bad compared to most games now. At least you don’t watch yourself fight anymore you can actually press some keys and make things happen.

    • You’re joking, right? You obviously didn’t play much of Runescape, I played Runescape Classic up until the HTML5 switch where I stopped. The game REQUIRES a membership if you plan on having a stable way to make gold, boss, or just do anything fun. Most of the mini-games that allow for making Pures or quickly ranking skills are blocked to f2p, skills like Fletching and high level woodcutting are blocked to f2p which are major sources of income if done right, and they killed fishing with the new combat system making it pointless as a source of income. You can’t merch at all due to the Grand Exchange trade limit for f2p, than the fact that f2p are blocked off for high level combat is just stupidly obvious, no ability to use anything past Rune weps which means you’re stuck with sub-par equipment. Honestly the game is meant for members, it is POINTLESS to plan on playing Runescape for more than a month if you are a gamer that tends to dump time into a game if you have no plans on purchasing a membership, because I can guarantee by the end of said month you will have nothing more to do in the game. All you’re skills will be at a point where advancing them is pointless because you can’t do anything with them, you’re blocked off of any fun and valid mini-games, PvP is dead, just nothing. Hell I didn’t even mention the fact that over half the quests are blocked for f2p, and only the “meh” quests are available to f2p, the most interesting probably being the Dragon Slayer quest, which still only takes like 10 minutes at best if you have at least 50 attack and strength and a few lobsters, hell, 40 Range could probably do it if they still have that small corner in the room where you can just snipe him and take no damage. Play the game before you make dumb ass comments, because it’s damn obvious that out of those 8 years at least 7 1/2 were as a member, giving you no right to speak for the f2p side.

      • actually I played the game alot and you make me laugh f2p does have a solid gold making environment for those who are not lazy and are willing to work for it, the problem with people today is that they say that if I can’t make gold or currency this quick then the game is p2p as however you will find those who will tell you otherwise as they will tell you that it is quite f2p and that there is gold to be made for those who are patient.

    Please stop advertising games that cannot commit to a free-to-play model. Or have the decency to label them as “demos”.

  8. I know right… Never touching this game till they give more free-content. Otherwise it’s not worth spending money on a browser game.

  9. Runescape is less free-to-play as it’s pay-to-have-fun. Half of the game’s content is hidden behind a paygate with the other half attempting to hook people into emptying their wallets. I wouldn’t be as critical except that it’s a subscription. So, no; I will not be touching this game with a thousand foot pole. The dead fish can flop as much as it wants.

    • It’s like any other subscription based game. 6 dollars a month and you have access to all that there is, seems fair to me.


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