Can you really launch a new digital card game in 2020? That’s the question that Riot Games must have had before the unveiling of Legends of Runeterra, and not without good reason. The year has already seen shutdown announcements from two games, and the last MOBA that tried to become a card game didn’t do so hot.

PCGamer asked questions like that, and others, to Runeterra Executive Producer Jeff Jew. Calling himself a “huge Duelyst player,” Jew said that he hopes to bring the same lessons Riot learned operating League of Legends to Legends of Runeterra. He also wants to commit to a monthly release schedule — patches and bug fixes while in beta, but more creative ideas after launch “to keep the game fresh month after month.” Further down the line, he said that the dev team is in “the early development of a few ideas for modes.”

Jew admitted that the way LoR does progression is “polarizing” but the goal is to “make sure that every player, including all our free to play players, are having a great time.”

“It really sucks when you come into a card game and you get crushed by the S-tier deck day one. That was our primary driver.”

You can read the complete interview on the PCGamer site.


  1. Pass on this game, way more imbalanced than Hearthstone. Riot doesn’t know how to make balanced game for their life. Blizzard is right behind them.


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