Fable Fortune‘s fortunes have run out. Flaming Fowl Studios has announced that its CCG, based on the popular series of Fable role-playing games, will be shutting down its servers in early March.

The announcement comes via the Fable Fortune website, where Flaming Fowl’s Luke Borrett thanks the community while declaring that the servers will shut down on March 4. The in-game store has been shut down, though players can still open any packs they have accumulated.

Fable Fortune has had a long and complicated history. It was originally a minigame in Lionhead Studios’ Fable Legends, which never saw the light of day. Flaming Fowl Studios sprung up in its wake and secured the license for Fable Fortune, which Producer Craig Oman said was easy as walking into his boss’s office and asking for it.

In hindsight, there might have been a reason it was so easy to procure, when you look at the player count for Fable Fortune on Steam. Even though it’s also available on consoles, averaging single-digit players on one platform for a year and a half — and barely managing two players online for the last six months — isn’t a recipe for success, even if your other platforms house 10 times as many players.


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