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A recent Reddit thread has outline how this Bank Bidders system will work, and it appears it will be a system that happens once every few months. As Osborne wrote, “It’s not a persistent piece of game content.” In fact based on the description of the “event,” it appears to be more of a promotional thing. He describes it as “most likely taking place on a stream.”

According to the Reddit post, the banned accounts will likely be revealed one by one, with the accounts in question having been looked into prior to the event. The devs will be checking the accounts in question to make sure the items being introduced won’t have a negative impact on the economy.


This post is reference on the most recent Bombcast, with us speculating about how everything will work. At the time, this information was not available.


RuneScape developer Jagex is adding insult to injury in its quest to punish those who earn a ban from the game. As part of Runefest 2016’s announcements this weekend, Lead Designer Dave Osborne introduced what he referred to as a “passion project” — a little thing called “Bank Bidders.”

Bank Bidders is a system inspired by the reality show Storage Wars, wherein people bid on storage units without knowing what’s in them. The idea is that they could get some pretty sweet items worth a lot of money — or they could get a storage unit full of useless junk. With RuneScape’s Bank Bidders, players are doing pretty much the same thing, only they’re bidding on the accounts of players who have been banned from the game for one reason or another.

As part of the process, Jagex will tell players very little about the accounts. They might state the age, what the players liked to do and their skill levels. They might also disclose why what account was banned in the first place. Players will then take part in either a bidding or raffle system — that part hasn’t been completely decided yet — and one player will walk away with the account.

What the players will not know at the time of bidding/raffle is what exactly is in the account. They could end up with a lot of in game currency and awesome gear, or they could get one of the less impressive accounts. Osborne also mentioned the idea of a “high roller version” for riskier accounts.

As part of the announcement, Jagex did clarify that this system will not affect dormant accounts. So, if you’ve just stepped out of the game for a while, you don’t have to worry about coming back to finding someone running around with your stuff.

The entire system sounds like a really fun way for the developers to stick it to cheaters and their kind… although Osborne did mention that the rest of the team wasn’t quite as sold on it as he is.

Also announced at RuneFest this weekend is the adoption of the expansion model for the game. Players can look forward to much larger content updates than those seen in the past, such as an entire area or region filled with new quests and more released at once. Like updates in the past, these expansion will continue to be free. They’ll just give players more to do at once.

The first full expansion coming to the game will be “The Golden City of Menaphos”, seen in the trailer here.

Other additions coming to the game will be a full weather system with weather that impacts the gameplay experience, the ability to scale up pets, new solo bosses, and more.

If you missed the RuneFest stream and would like to catch up on it, you can see it below. Keep in mind you’ll want to set aside about 8 hours for the entire thing.

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  1. I have really old Runescape account i played it when i was 13/14 years old now i`m 26, i do log in time to time to check whats new, change passwords etc (usually i dont use simple passwords), even have bank PIN… i did not login for 1,5 years or so and when i did log in my account was hacked and my friends account too… i wanted fress start i played for moth or so, and after some time even that account got hacked, Jagex said they wont return stuff,gold back… an now they are selling potentially account with my/friends stuff and/or gold…

  2. watch this end as fast as it starts… My guess is they are doing this to gain some players and when they see they have enough they will remove this option… and say it was abusive or something along those lines…

    Guessing they really are desperate though at this point…

    • Not to add that they are still giving out hacked content that was cheated by the cheater…. so whats the point of banning the user for cheating when the contents they had will be used in the economy…

      Something tells me this will not end well…

    • Exactly what I thought but it feels very corrupted and feels like theres a loophole to where the cheated players can get a chance to buy back their gear in my opinion.

  3. So if someone got banned they could re purchase their account?…seems to be a bit of a loophole, also what are they bidding with…sounds very RMT

    • Now that I’m thinking about it your right. It really is a loophole unless they check the IP or email to make sure it’s not the original person who got banned who is trying to repurchase their account.

    • you have to bid with in game gp in order to gain the account, so technically no, someone could not just go and create a new account and go bidding as people start without any gp to there name.

  4. Right let’s give players the ability to get cheated items/money cuz.. that’s totally genius.. giving people cheated stuff… right? right?!
    +100 sword of doom anyone? Haha.

    • Kinda what I was feeling. To me it feels like they are mostly doing it to have legit players buy the cheated items/money so they can get even more money out of their playerbase also they are probably doing it to make the cheating players cry which is kinda funny in my opinion.

    • Right? And the corruption behind it. They can ban whoever and get that account sold. Nice. Who would by a low level crap account? Eyes on the best prize. This company is sick. Glad I was too old and started on REAL PC games and not a sucker to this one and the 12 year olds it attracted to get rich on

  5. All I could think was WTF when I read the title of this article. But after reading it sounds like a awesome fun way to stick it to cheaters. I don’t play runscape and probably never will but I’d probably participate in this bidding system they are introducing to their game if I did play runscape.

  6. This should be implemented in every game, just let the idiot hackers cry (Of course they should wait like month before doing so, so the owner of the account can prove his innocence)

    • Agreed. And yeah most hackers I met are idiots but everyone deserves time to prove their innocence. Idk how long but a month sounds reasonable. Anything longer I’d wouldn’t know what to say about that.


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