Pearl Abyss pleasantly surprised Russian fans in an interview with about their upcoming MMORPG Black Desert by announcing that an adaptation of the game will be ready much earlier for Russian gamers. The news may come as a bit bittersweet for those waiting to play in the west, as it shows a promise of developmental progress, but also makes it seem that much further away.

A localization for the the Russian platform is currently in its development process, and with the help of a non-disclosed Russian publisher, should be out relatively soon. When asked about how they came to decide upon on the publishing company, the company said, “The most important factor for us was the publisher’s experience on the Russian MMO market, and how well is he familiar with the Russian users. Concidering these factors, we are fully satisfied with our choice.”

In prior articles, Pearl Abyss has shown proof that they are working on the English version of Black Desert, which for obvious reasons appeals more to western publishers.

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  2. It seems MMOBOMB has no policy against people insulting other people on their site, I am starting to question if I should revisit this site.

    If it was up to me I would only allow registered users to comment to avoid the situation above.

  3. Ohhhh no, those damn ” GIFF ME MANA, NOOP ” people.

    Damn you all !

    And since everyone is writing with your own main language, take this (2):


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  4. That “non-disclosed publisher” they speak of is likely to be “” (since, they are pretty much the ONLY publisher.. lol) and that means the russian game is soo gonna be p2w.

  5. I only wish they will make separate servers, and make the RU one, so people speaking Russian and type in cyrillic (which is killing me XD) can comfortably play and communicate with each other. Holding nothing against russian people, but no matter what mmos I’ve played, they simply don’t wanna communicate and always use “F*ck” when u suggest to use english.

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  7. people are allowed to talk any lang on mmobomb so just dont whine to mach about people talking other lang,s… anyways (i dont think this mmo will servife 1 year

  8. LF Russian friend to help me play BD heheh =P well gratz for it. i’m really expecting this game can’t wait for the english version =)

  9. Я не русский, но я рад видеть больше игр в настоящее время локализован: D


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