Don’t let the graphics fool you. Despite the admittedly rough around the edges look of the sandbox MMORPG Salem, the game offers quite a lot of depth for those looking for a non traditional MMO. It can be really hard to judge a sandbox MMO from a simple write-up or a few minutes of gameplay, which is why I encourage everyone to try Salem now that the game has transitioned into open beta.

For those of you unfamiliar with Salem, the game has you traveling back to colonial times when life was simple and death by small pox lurked around every corner. Your goal initial goal is straight forward, survive. In order to do this you will need to carve out an inhabitable area of your own amidst the vast untamed wilderness. To do this, you’ll need to learn the vital skills necessary to scavenge for food, harvest natural resources, craft tools and a home, and eventually even establish your own in-game settlement.

Salem isn’t just “Minecraft: the MMO” though. While banding together with other players will certainly help you establish yourself much quicker they can also be your undoing. There are few rules in Salem and players can and will attack other player at random. There are also wild animals and other perils present within the game which may cut your time in the newland short. Death is permanent in the game too although you can always find your way back to your house once you have made a new character. That is, if no one has swooped in to occupy your home while you were dead.

All of this is summed up quite comically in the new trailer shown above. You can play the game now by visiting the official site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I’ve played this game for two weeks, but I don’t like the task map is only in the US golden time. I still prefer Age of Wushu, which is far more interesting than this one.

  2. dunno why did you put salem in f2p anyone who played salem for 1 hour noticed you need too buy nails who can only be bought for real world money and they arent cheap at all this game wont last 2 month cuase its dumb when you cant advance in a game if your daddy or a pimp doesnt spend money soo you can play since you surely wont spend your money on a minecraft wannabe game

  3. Well if what Bhadeti says is true i am sorry to say but this game is like a complete piece of crap there is no way to get new players there if the players who played longer and already have a house keep raiding you and taking everything from you

    You’ll die make a new char then die again make a new char again eventually u will quit cause people keep raiding you probably unless u are really patient

    I know i sound like someone who wants “everything ready” i quess by sayin this but keep getting raided(especially if this game is populated which i doubt i new players keep getting raided)all the time will probably make most players quit and this game probably wont get any new people in unless they put some rule like u cant get raided until u build a house or some sort of rule like that idk

    I wish this game the best of luck but i highly doubt it will survive as it is for now

    • The thing is that veteran players have no economic interest in raiding new players, because newbies don’t have anything of value to them. At any rate this game is one of the most difficult to get into. Especially for a loner. In time new players might be nearly forced to join existing communities/settements in order to have a less painfull gaming expereince. But than again this game is supposed to be played like that in the first place. I inted to be a lone wolf and I can already see some major difficulties in near future.

  4. This game held my interest for a short while, I was still playing until recently. My village got raided, a guy built a lean-to right by my territory, and continues to come back on a regular basis to take more and more from me. Unless you are up for the endless moving, getting raided by players who have played longer, put the time in and just have the edge on you, you’re going to hate it. Good Luck.

  5. This made me laugh, because it’s the exact reaction that most will have. You get all into the game thinking it’s great and neat, until you die permanently and quit over something so stupid.

  6. So ,some1 got molested in there already ,(how,what,were) wrote this ,spuck i guess,but i tryed closed beta ,seen 2 people ,in there ,and ran bck to a town ,and hope it has a tutorial ,didnt hav in beta ,but i quit when i ported (by mistake) to a town,and seen those toons and ran ,logged off and deleted game ,idk if im rite peep to talk ,but if i had 10 or so peeps willin to go in together id try again ,like craftin , buildin houses and such. PM ME AT BAD1ONE69 AT YAHOO.TY


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