I told you Funcom would be kicking off Secret World Legends‘ Halloween (or Samhain) event sometime soon. Of course, at the time I didn’t know when. And wouldn’t you know they went and had a stealth update and snuck it in on me?

As expected, the event doesn’t really seem to have much new going on. The daily login rewards are back, as is the 40-player public raid in Agartha. Go beat up Jack of the Lantern every hour on the hour and earn rewards. (Of course, if you’ve done this before, chances are pretty good you have most, if not all, of the rewards already.) If you don’t already have everything, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to earn them as the event will be available until November 4.

Knowing the SWL community, now that the event is underway, there will likely be a community hosted costume contest at some point as well. I just haven’t seen any announcements regarding that as of yet.

Speaking of the SWL community and content, it appears Funcom is looking to the players for help in creating a bit of in-game content — namely, new agents for the game’s version of a follower system.

The developer is hosting an agent writing contest. Effectively, they’re looking for players to design their own agents — everything from how they look to their stats and even flavor text. Those who submit entries have a chance to see their agent appear in the game and earn some additional prizes. The prize breakdown is as follows:

  • Grand Prize: Portrait made of your agent, one (1) Epic Cache Key and five (5) cache keys (cash value of $27.50). One of our very talented artists in-house will draw your agent and add it along with the text.
  • 3 Runner Ups: Your agent will be added to the game with the text you’ve created plus five (5) cache keys (cash value of $7.50). It won’t have a custom portrait, but the custom text will be added.
  • Participation: Those who participate will receive the winning agents as well as the brand new Nicole & Andy Agent.

So, basically, they’re asking players to create a bit of new content for them. I guess that’s one way to get some new stuff into the game. Still, if you’re interested in participating and maybe seeing your creation in the game, you’ll need to check out the link above and get to work. The contest ends October 31.

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