Sandbox MMORPG Mortal Online 2 Launches, Offers Extensive Skill/Crafting Systems And Full PvP

Exceeds predecessor's concurrent player count on Steam in its first few hours.

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Mortal Online 2 Launch

Today's the launch day for Mortal Online 2, the next installment in Star Vault's sandbox MMORPG franchise. As we learned last week, the final beta patch put the finishing touches on home decorations and added a new troll type, and now it's wide open for players to try their hand at surviving and thriving in a harsh, no-holds-barred world. Just watch out for those fish with their new stats.

Mortal Online 2 offers over 600 skills to learn, leveled up as you use them in the game. There's also extensive crafting, as "almost" all items in the game are created by players. Speaking of those players, there's full PvP throughout the world, so you never know if the person you're meeting is going to shake your hand or try to take it off.

That level of danger has a certain appeal to a particular type of player, which suits MO2 fans just fine. It's hit over 7,500 concurrent players since the servers came online a couple hours ago and currently has a 76% positive rating on Steam. The first game peaked at 1,174 players online in its six years of existence, and currently has a "Mixed" rating on Steam, at 51% positive. We've seen a lot of sequels, especially of smaller "cultish" hits, fail to improve upon their initial formula (ahem and ahem), so it's nice to see one game actually outdo its predecessor.

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zariarn 2 years ago
I think this will die fast. Hardcore PVP and player looting alienates most players. The game looks beautiful however the gameplay and world mirrors the first Mortal Online. I just can't see this game will doing well.

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