Midwinter Entertainment’s competitive survival FPS Scavengers is now taking applications for its PC closed beta test. As announced tonight at The Game Awards, Midwinter is taking in an additional 50,000 testers, and you can sign up right now on the game’s website.

The closed beta FAQ offers additional details about the upcoming test, which runs from now until Dec. 21. If you were already involved in previous testing, you’ll get in automatically, but otherwise you’ll need a bit of luck. It is a closed beta (though it also says “alpha” in the FAQ), so you won’t be able to stream or share any other recorded footage.

We’ve been interested in Scavengers here for a while, seeing as how it seems to PvE and PvP elements, in a similar vein to a game like The Cycle, while also adding survival elements. Here’s hoping it won’t be long before we can all get a better look at the game.

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