About the game:
Title: Scavengers
Status: Early Access
Developer: Midwinter Entertainment
Publisher: Improbable

Strive to survive in Scavengers, a free-to-play post-apocalyptic PvP experience from Midwinter Entertainment and Improbable. Return to a frozen Earth to find its treasures, contending with not only other players but also a variety of monstrous foes and the elements themselves.

Scavengers offers a number of different classes for you to play as, each with unique skills and weapons. You can also use the terrain to your advantage, by tracking your opponents through the snow or forcing them into a raging storm. Survive everything the planet sends at you and extract with your scavenged supplies to win!

Explosive Features:

  • PvPvE Action
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Different Classes And Weapons

News and Updates

Scavengers Resets Beta Accounts And Changes Up Progression And Explorer Talents

The apocalypse has come for Scavengers -- or at least Scavengers accounts. All accounts have been reset to level one and the game is...

Scavengers Patch Addresses Progression Pace, AMA Covers That And Future Plans

As to be expected for a game in early access, Scavengers has had its ups and downs. Midwinter Entertainment has tried to address that...

Scavengers Hotfix Focuses On Progression And Crafting

Midwinter Entertainment's Scavengers is in the midst of its open beta/early access, and as is usually the case when a developer invites thousands of...

Scavengers Early Access – Gameplay First Look

What could end up as a pretty decent PvEvP/Battle Royal-esque experience, falters a bit as Early Access starts with some pretty limited options and...

Scavengers Early Access Has Arrived, Twitch Drop Issue Being Worked On

So, here's your obligatory reminder to check your email if you signed up on the Scavengers site for early access or, perhaps, participated in...

Scavengers Q&A Touches Upon Lore, Balance, And Power Levels

Midwinter Entertainment will be opening up the wide world of Scavengers to everyone next week. If you're still uncertain as to how some aspects...

Scavengers Early Access Is Just Days Away

Back in March, Midwinter Entertainment informed players that when they next brought the Scavengers servers up, they intended to leave them up, effectively rolling...

The NDA Will Be Falling Soon And Scavengers Is Looking For Content Creators

Midwinter Entertainment and Improbable keep plugging away on their PvEvP shooting game Scavengers and while we haven't been able to share much about our...

Featured Video

System Requirements

Scavengers Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Core I5-6500 or equivalent
Memory Ram: 8GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 15GB of free Space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R9 380

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