Screenshots Have Been Shared Of The Canceled Marvel MMO

The game won’t happen, but why not share some information that just makes you sad all over again, yeah?

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In another universe separate from our own, the Marvel MMO is still being created as players look forward to joining the ranks of either X-Men, The Avengers, SHIELD, or the Fantastic Four. However, in our universe, the MMO has been canceled and all we have our some screenshots of what could have been.

A designer at Pixelkings, Ramiro Galan, recently posted screenshots of the canceled Marvel MMO project on his Linkedin page and Twitter. The shared images include the character creation page. It is here that players could have decided which faction they would like to join.

Players could also pick an outfit that would impact their stats and, at the end of the customization process, players would be presented with their very own comic book cover featuring their character.

Marvel MMO Char Customization

EG7, the parent company, announced last week that it would be discontinuing the development of the Marvel project at Daybreak Games in order to prioritize different projects and reallocate resources within the group and focus on other long-term projects. While the Marvel MMO won't be happening, all one can really do is hope that these other projects are worth the cancelation of the MMO.

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Flintstone 1 year ago
Its going to happen, they just want us to forget it. its so we don't hound them, :now they can get some peace and quiet. :)

goobert 1 year ago
Thank god they cancelled it what an ugly game.

noobfridge 1 year ago


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