Sea Of Thieves Latest Update Makes Big Changes With Xbox GDK Integration

Expect a bigger download this time.

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Sea of Thieves Update

Sea of Thieves’ downtime is over, the servers are back online, and players can begin the process of downloading patch 2.10.1. With this update, Sea of Thieves is now functional on the current Xbox Game Development Kit, it also now supports DirectX 11 and 12 – provided player hardware supports it. Overall, the update should mean that players will see performance improvements throughout the game.

Of course, big changes mean a big update. According to the patch notes, console and Microsoft Store players will have a bigger initial download, but the tradeoff to that is that future downloads will be a good deal smaller. Windows Store users may also have to take extra steps to begin the download. Instructions for that are available via the patch notes.

As for the content portion of the update, players can expect improvements to Athena’s Fortune Voyages and Raid Voyage Rewards. Changes have been made to Guild Reputation and all Tall Tales are unlocked and can be played in any order.

On an additional note, as this update is also the start of Season 11, Rare will be hosting the obligatory Community Weekend beginning February 24. This means a live stream, Twitch drops, and more. Full details are available on the Sea of Thieves site.

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