Season 5: Reckoning Launches In Halo Infinite Complete With The Forge's AI Toolkit

The update also introduces big changes to Forge.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Halo Infinite Season 5

Today, 343 Industries kicked off Season 5: Reckoning in Halo Infinite. The shooter's new season dropped in an update along with Forge changes that will allow players to create their own interesting PvE experiences. Reckoning adds new maps and a new mode, as well as a new 50-tier Premium Battle Pass to the game. Also included are Flood-themed customizations.

As for Forge, this update introduces the ability for players to add Campaign AI using the new AI toolkit. This toolkit gives players the ability to control up to 43 variants of AI character units, determining how they deploy on a map and the weapons they spawn with. They can also choose the units’ movement path, difficulty level, and more.

Full details on this update are spread across several posts on the game’s Steam page, so you’ll want to head there if you want to know everything.

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