I’ll be honest — I’d never heard of the Yakuza series before Yakuza 0 launched in North America earlier this year. I watched a few streams and thought it was … well, interesting.

Thanks to that brief taste of craziness, today’s news intrigues me. Sega has just announced the free-to-play Yakuza Online for PC and iOS/Android devices. The game is set after the events of Yakuza 6 and is scheduled for a 2018 launch in Japan.

Will we ever see that game, or a Yakuza 2 remake or Fist of the North Star game that were also announced, get Western localization? That’s the question being posed by Sega and Ryu ga Gotoku Studios in a survey. If any of those titles sound like the kind of thing you’d like to see get English (or any other language) localizations, let your voice be heard. Just … maybe not like this.


    • You do know that there is a server dedicated to foreigners + English patch is easier to use than ever.

      Also the latency is good enough to play outside of JP.

        • Ah, sod it. Can’t even get to the game through their site. Don’t have the patience to piss around trying to get things to work. Either it works first time or I don’t bother.

      • There’s a server where English players tend to flock to, but it sure isn’t dedicated to foreigners. The devs and publisher are very much JP only, officially.


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