She-Hulk Is Coming To Marvel’s Avengers, And We Found Out In The Most Unintended Way

So much for a formal announcement.

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Marvel's Avengers She-Hulk Accidental Announcement

If you’re still playing Marvel’s Avengers…first, good for you, do what you enjoy. Second, intended or not, the news is now out that She-Hulk will be joining the game’s lineup. This may or may not feel like actual news to you as the character has been rumored for so long that some people thought she’d been formally announced at some point. One such individual was the actor TechniqTV who inadvertently told viewers that the hero was on her way.

After, he noted that he wasn’t sure he could mention it, but that he thought it was public knowledge. It may not have been before, but it is now.

Of course, players have suspected for a while now. The character’s name was datamined a while back. An internet leaker tweeted about the supposed voice actress. People have assumed. TechniqTV definitely assumed, telling everyone on stream that his acting coach is the voice of She-Hulk. He did restrain himself a bit, though, saying that he wouldn’t say her name as he wasn’t sure it was public knowledge yet, but that he thought it was announced.

TechniqTV was quickly corrected by Lead Designer Brian Waggoner, who stated that they’d never announced She-Hulk because they “don’t announce things”. He then quickly moved on to talk about adding Jane Foster to the game instead.

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