The streets of infinite crisis seem to be filling up with new superheroes faster than ever these days. After Turbine announced this week the DC-Multiverse inspired MOBA would be headed into open beta on March 14th, the studio outlined three additional heroes set to enter the beta.

Mecha Superman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow will all be joining the fight soon, bringing the roster up to 27 for the open beta launch. Each new hero brings a unique gameplay element, with Mecha Superman specializing in the creation and destruction of environmental objects in order to impede or damage his foes and the Green Arrow exchanges his arrow effects based on which ability stance he last used.

Sadly,none of Aquaman’s abilities call upon dolphins or any other marine mammal to aid him, however he does have the uncanny ability to conjure up spouts of water out of concrete. Aquaman also has three very different ultimates which provide Aquaman with a wide range of utility. Depending on which ability Aquaman last used, his ultimate can close large gaps, toss enemies behind him or deal significant amounts of damage to the target based on their missing health.

Incidentally, Infinite Crisis will release its first tri-lane map during the Open Beta called Gotham Divided. Turbine promises the map will separate itself from other more widely known tri-lanes through its abundant use of destructible environments which open up new pathways for players to explore. For more information on Gotham Divided you can check out the official preview here.

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  1. Might as well play this(when it comes out)instead of LoL since LoL Got too boring for me honestly hopefully i will like it this game seems a lot like LoL from what i see from the video above but i mean yolo noone loses anything in tryin it out.

  2. Honestly not a great MOBA. I tried it quite a bit in closed beta (played 25+ matches) and it just didn’t feel good at all. The theme is fun but I assume that’s the only reason people play.

    MOBAs need to move forward instead of being stuck in the past. The style of Smite is the way of the MOBA future, LoL and DOTA2 have the top-down market locked down tight. There’s no room for a third, but I could see another MOBA worming into Smite’s market if it’s done well enough.

  3. I was given a close beta key which did not work and I never received any reply from support..

    Even though I don’t really like MOBA’s I wanted to try this because of the DC comic theme. After seeing how terrible customer support is then I will not be playing this game or any other game this company makes.

  4. It is not like LOL! & you do know they are going to have like 90 of more DC universe heroes in the game so please quit all the bitching about the game untill you give it a try. & I would like to say that it is fun & I can’t wait to see what the full roster of toons are going to be for this.

    • Thank you finally someone agrees. I hate LOL fan boys always like “Another MOBA?!” stfu with all that. Either your going to play it or your going to not, simple as that.

      • Yeah but superman is way OP though. & you can never play him because everyone wants to. & it is kinda lame since there are not enough heroes to choose from. but in all it’s pretty cool & fun to play. It needs to be Patched up, it’s kinda laggy & I have a top rig. Really needs more heroes.


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