Late last year Joymax embarked on a crusade to bring huge amounts of updates to Silkroad Online. The campaign dubbed “Ignite Silkroad” has over the past two months brought a slew of skill balance enhancements, permanent beginner benefits and a variety of large-scale events.

Today, Joymax unveiled the third part of the update series dubbed “Undead’s Revenge”. The main focus of this update is the addition of a new raid boss called Death Bone, which if the name is any indication of, is some sort of massive dead skeletal monster who presumably brings additional death to all those around him.

According to Joymax, Death Bone is the most challenging boss yet, requiring a full raid with players above level 80. Death Bone is actually born from a previous raid boss called the Roc who was part of an earlier Silkroad event. In order to summon Death Bone, players will need to have already defeated the Roc and completed a challenging quest chain. Upon defeating Death Bone, players will be rewarded with the best EXP gains and gold rewards as well as 13th tier equipment.

Even if you fail at killing Death Bone, players will be given a chance to take a screenshot of their attempt and post it to the official Silkroad FB page for additional rewards such as Monster Summon Scrolls and Pandora’s Box.

You can find out more by visiting the official site here.

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  1. I am rooting for this game to return to even a little of it’s former glory. Sad to come back to it and see this. I don’t know why people have to ruin good things all the time. I just want to play a game, no botting, no cheating. Just play, for fun. It’s so hard to find real people. I used to be in a huge guild, with sister guilds, tons of friends. Everyone is gone, it’s like I’m playing alone in the SRO universe. It’s just sad to see the game makers trying to rescue the game from hackers and keep everyone happy, when they should have just banned botting from the start. If you don’t play your character and level it yourself, what fun is it?? Maybe I’m just a stupid noob (started playing in 2005 or so) but the players ruined this game, not JOYMAX.

  2. Must have taken them months to think of this raid boss ^_^ Strangely, I feel like I have seen it in the game before… Hmm guys help me remember! what is this boss!


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