Skilling Outfits In RuneScape Now Obtainable Via Minigames


The latest RuneScape update now allows players to acquire skilling outfits previously available only through Treasure Hunter by playing minigames. Outfits are available for each of the skills — each tied to a different minigame. Some will be random drops while others will need to be bought from the reward shop.

The outfits and their corresponding minigames are as follows:

  • Artisan (Crafting): Stealing Creation – Bought from reward shop
  • Blacksmith (Smithing): Artisans’ Workshop – Random chance when successfully smithing ceremonial swords – increased if you get it perfect.
  • Botanist (Herblore): Flash Powder Factory – Bought from reward shop
  • Farmer (Farming): Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza – Bought from reward shop
  • Fletcher (Fletching): Stealing Creation – Bought from reward shop
  • Nimble (Agility): The Pit – Random chance on completion (successful or not)

In addition, the update also makes some tweaks to the game’s chatbox. Players now have the option to add the most used options to the chatbox, making them easier to access. Full details on this and the skilling outfits minigames are available in the patch notes on the RuneScape site.


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