As of today, the standalone Battle Royale mode has been added to Skyforge. At launch, the new mode includes 12 unique heroes, armor, three types of weapons, traps, gadgets, and more. It should be noted that of the 12 heroes, players will only have three available to them at start. The other 9 will need to be obtained using Battle royale currency earned in game. Well… kind of. It seems the heroes are not purchased outright, but instead must be rented. Once a player rents a hero fifty times, it’s theirs permanently….of course you can just buy them outright with the cash shop argents.

The game map includes monsters that players will have to contend with in addition to the other 39 players on the map. The monsters could possibly be avoided, but it’s pretty likely players would like to get their hands on the treasure chests they guard.

And, of course, there’s also night time to deal with — that important time when things get even more dangerous and the map starts to shrink.

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    • Queue times are long but once you get in its pretty fun. no more than 20-24 players at any given time when I played and matches are quick. hopefully the queue issue will be fixed.


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