Skyforge makes the final push towards an open beta launch today as the team at Obsidian Entertainment kicks off the fourth and final closed beta phase today, June 23rd. This final closed beta comes with a slew of additional content for users to test including new client and UI modifications, Pantheon Guilds, and more.

Closed beta players will be given immediate access to the Knight and Alchemist advanced classes. These classes normally require you to progress through the upper levels of your Ascension Atlas to unlock, so getting a feel for these classes during closed beta might save you some time later since you’ll know if you want to work towards them or not already.

Speaking of the Ascenstion Atlas, one change many players will probably welcome is the change to unlocking classes. The upper Ascension Atlas, where you go to unlock classes, is now unlocked earlier. This reduces the time needed to unlock classes, a common complaint about Skyforge’s design since the first closed beta.

You can check out the full patch notes and sign up to hopefully be sent a key on the official Skyforge site.

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  1. i really want to play this but there is no way this game needs 4 closed beta tests and this aggressive founder pack marketing. you apply for the closed beta with your email and instead of sending you a beta key they send you an invite to buy their founder packs.

  2. Yeah you say sign up for a key buy is screwy. i got a beta key email from them but it was corrupted. so they told me instead of resending said email to “wait for obt or get a founders pack”. What kinda crap is that from a game not even open beta yet?


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