If you haven’t yet had a chance to play My.com and Obsidian Entertainment’s free to play MMORPG Skyforge, today gives you the chance as open beta has officially launched. While Founder’s Pack purchasers have been in game for a few days now, the gates to Aelion are now open to any and all players.

If you log into the game between July 16th and July 23rd, players will earn a unique Mechanic Costume, to be awarded in-game after the first week of OBT. Looking for a bit of a boost right off the bat? My.com has launched the sale of two different Collector’s Packs. These packs, priced at $14.99 and $59.99 respectively, award players with in games extras like in game currency and premium time as well as sparks and titles.

Check out the official announcement to get started.

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  1. I wouldn’t call the game derivative however, about 3 hours in I realized I was fixated on looking at the status and skill bars rather than the action on screen. It was the most uncomfortable feeling in the world with all the action going on in my peripheral vision.

    At that point I was like “Yep, uninstall”.

  2. Can someone tell me when the game starts to get fun?
    I’ve played like 4 hours and I fill like no progressing at all. Just going here and there collecting sparks and doing nothing but clicking at monsters and doing one or two combos every time.
    I play with friends but is so slow to collect sparks for everyone without talking about the drop that is just shit, I’ve only got rings and more rings.
    I don’t know what to think about this game, for now is one of the most boring games I’ve played so far.

  3. I wanted to play this game so much… but my computer didn’t. The graphics have a splintery effect below medium level, which make my eyes bleed. Won’t play this game until I get a better PC.

  4. Game is ok and has some nice things that pulled me in, However there are weekly caps on your progression and some has managed to hit those within hours.. its what i would like to call a casuall mmo atm, i donnu what to think of the game yet tbh i whanna hit endgame in it to be 100% sure.. gottha say i love the avangers assamble theme in the game lol..

    Have to agree doh the voice acting is awful and your character dont have a voice instead u have to space the convo forward.. there are no choices (swtor style) its more or less one linear story for all classes.. we will see.

  5. game is trash, just played it. trash. not fun, no quality. nothing but as said above “generic paste generic mmo” and of course it comes with the typical shitty asian / anime touch. gtfo.

  6. Having a ton of fun with Skyforge, best Lvling system in an mmo that I have ever seen. Yes they have cut corners by not offering 37 unique pieces of armor for each boss; or an endless open world you will only explore ONCE, This should leave them more time to continue to deliver content. I diffidently think they are heading in the right direction for a F2P mmo, and not taking the “hey this is how wow has done it” approach makes Skyforge a game to be hopeful about.
    P.S. The voice acting kills me slowly inside

  7. Copy paste generic mmo, its a pay to win also + monthly premium like subscription, from very shitty rushit devs who made wow clone, same story again, never support rushit criminals, let rushits pay for own shitzz

        • Ugh… what p2w you sad, sad creature?
          You can buy cash shop with in-game currency in Skyforge, no strings attached. So WTF are you on about here? Sigh.. s.t.u.p.i.d sh.it.head kids…

    • OK, I get it now.

      1. You hate Russians, probably you have a small cock.
      2. You think every F2P MMO is a WoW clone, yeah Allods was very much like WoW, but not this one, it looks really different, diverse and solid, too bad I won’t be able to play it any time soon, since I bought The Elder Scrolls Online recently. But your statement is wrong, you are just too shallow to begin with and instead of raging, you should try to write down something constructive, or stop trying to give yourself Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for no particular reason.
      3. You are obviously too stupid to comprehend your own stupidity.

    • Cope paste?! OK, I won’t be a Grammar Nazi on your “English” but where is it copied from? Looks pretty original to me.

  8. NICE! I’ve been waiting a while for this one!
    Shame it’s going into open beta a month before school starts, though…


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