Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment, and, have announced the final closed beta test for Skyforge, running from June 23-29, which will introduce the knight and alchemist classes as well as a slew of new features.

The knight and alchemist, normally unlocked after a long time spent carving through the Ascension Atlas, will be available immediately to all players in CBT4, and the Atlas itself has been adjusted and its interface simplified “to promote a more streamlined experience, allowing the upper portions of the Atlas to be unlocked by players sooner, enabling them to more quickly progress towards other classes.”

Players will find it easier to group in PvE and can adjust the difficulty of adventures to suit their mood. There’s also been a major overhaul to the way orders and followers are managed and improvements to PvP matchmaking should make it easier to get well-tuned matches.

Aspiring godlings will also get their first crack at creating pantheons, trying on new types of equipment, amulets and trophies, and putting Skyforge’s web interface, the Portal, through its paces. There are also the usual slate of bug fixes, UI improvements, client optimization, and character creation tweaks.

You can read the full, extensive patch notes on the closed beta test here. So now that we’ve got a date for the final CBT of Skyforge, Magicman’s July 13 open beta prediction is still in play. Anyone wanna place bets?


  1. Currently playing the OBT RU, dont really understand anything, but if you’ve played MMOs before, its a bit simple to figure what to do.
    One thing I’m beginning to really hate, SkyForge is purely Hub based, meaning, theres the main city, and then to go grind or quest you need to teleport to another place, theres no way to walk from one zone to the other, you need to return to the hub to go to a different place. Just like Vindictus and games like Destiny. definitely not a fan. Theres no levels, just a simple Item Level system, you can freely see others iLvls and HP with a mouse over. QUest rewards give you coloured cubes used as Skill Points for “leveling” your character in which even Class you like to play, I forgot to see if the points are reset when changing classes so you can reallocate them on the new class, or if you spend them on one class, thats it, you have to grind to level another class (may verify this tomorrow). Hating the UI, it completely removes you from the game, you cant be walking and looking at the Map/Bag/Skills, Figured out how to autorun but you can only autorun to quest mob locations or to quest points-of-interest. Theres plenty of costumes, but imo, Still feel like it needs more, many are just colour variations. You can only have one character! no alts, no character select screen, theres a tutorial and at the end you can enter character create and have 3 classes you can check out (again, freely change between, when not in combat), you have access to all the classes (you’ve unlocked, to unlock requires questing and progression) and can switch at any point out of combat. cool. You can change how you look with a costume/skin (some free some need buying, cool thing, you can buy with ingame credits or with cashshop money) and it sets the same look for all classes (cant seem to set one per class, booo).
    Again all my exp is from the RU OBT, I dont see much changing for region reasons but cant wait for the NA OBT, so far my hype for Skyforge is pretty low, its a VERY pretty game, but after playing a while, I’m really glad I did NOT buy any founders packs. I def want to play OBT just to see english words haha. but so far I dont see any reason to purchase a FP to play this CBT4.

  2. Magicman could well be right in his OB prediction, at lest i hope he is July 13 not that far away and this is one game i’m looking forward to trying out myself.


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