Skyforge’s next closed beta test, CBT4, is expected to hit sometime in June. While Obsidian Entertainment and My.com haven’t released an exact date for the free to play MMORPG’s next test, they did at least tell us June on a Facebook post last month.

The dev teams have also hinted at a Summer Open Beta in previous posts. Put it all together and if you’re waiting for open beta, you’ve got a July/August window to wait until. However, Community Manager, Spunky, took to the Skyforge forums yesterday to confirm that CBT4 will in fact be the last closed beta test for the game unless something goes horribly wrong. He went on to say, “…CBT4 will be the last CBT event before OBT. That being said, the time difference between CBT4 and OBT will depend on how well CBT4 goes.”

Maybe I’m reading between the lines a little but it sounds an awful lot like we’ll be seeing Skyforge’s open beta sometime in July. I’d say around the 13th of July if I had to put money down on it. To me, it’s unlikely that the game will have any huge issue that will delay things seeing as the game is running overseas in testing phases ahead of the North American testing phases. That combined with Spunky’s comments kind of point out that they may not want to put too much time in between CBT4 and open beta.

It sounds like the best time frame possible for Skyforge in my book. With FFXIV’s expansion dropping at the end of this month and WildStar going free to play in the fall (not to mention a GW2 expansion on the horizon), a July open beta gives Skyforge a little room by itself as a major release in the free to play space and the overall MMO space as a whole.

Could we see an open beta in July? Let me know what you think below!

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. This game needs to hurry things up.
    My hype for it had died down quiet a bit after having had played it. agreeing with a few others, the menu system in this game is stupid, its a new way, but I hated it, it removes you from the game to a fullscreen view of your inventory, ever menu is like this, it removes you from the game to see the map, for those (like me) that like to autorun and manage inventory or see the map, will not be able to, (not even sure theres an autorun feature) I should also mention all the item icons feel so cartoony compared to the rest of the game, as if they pulled it from another game entirely.
    The combat system is nice, sadly no controller support, (or I couldnt find the option), the combo system feels dumb, if you dont continue the chain your character is weirdly frozen there waiting on you to move or proceed with the combo, no biggie, just looks aesthetically unappealing.
    I dont know why people are jumping the gun and calling this pay-to-win, I didnt notice anything, but could be because beta.
    My main MMO right now is TERA and am endgame, was really hoping SF to be the game I could play when I’m done all my dailies, because I cant seem to go back to Tab-targeting, so far things dont look good for SF, I hope SF DOES go OBT in july, it needs to have a head start on things before wildstar and B&S release, or this game will die the first week of release.

  2. Game was more stale than the time I ate my dog’s food. Nothing new, horrible character designs (seriously, fighting floating cartons half the time). Nonesense story and no character customization (you can custimze set models but they are all chizzled abs men or sexy ladies…not a bad thing, but it feels so cookie cutter). Its like some one had a left over rpg tool kit and pasted a horrible menu system under it, and then tried to make it sci fi “to be different”, and pushed it out the door. Super sad ocnsidering the rich lore of RUssian ancient history, and they ran with a hybrid of “roman looking ‘your a god…with no explination…look machines'”…just…its brain damaging, you may not have noticed, but your brain does, and the fact you don’t listen to it, is probably why they have enough credit crad purhcases to OB a trash game

  3. This game should go OBT asap, and gather as much players, cuz once wildstar opens its free to play and Blade and Soul finally “finally” opens, this game will go “byebye” in a blink of an eye.

      • I am also a corporate shill and have my lips firmly sealed on skyforge’s a$$ no matter what happens. I am a fanboy and love to give my.com’s CEO handjobs every night.

    • Just because you dislike the game does not mean it is bad. Though from your anger i am assuming you never got past the first set of upgrades.


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