SMITE Drops Teaser Trailer For Its Next God, Baron Samedi


When SMITE‘s 5.11 update hits, it will introduce the first of the Voodoo gods to the game — Baron Samedi, the God of Life and Death. Aesthetically, Baron Samedi is a more modern god than those seen previously in SMITE. He’s typically portrayed wearing a coat with tails, a top hat, glasses, and a skull painted face. Basically, he has an appearance you’d probably associate with the dead. He’s also pretty fond of almost anything you might consider bad for you — particularly rum.

But as his title might suggest, he’s not only associated with death and can sometimes be found being invoked for healing purposes. This probably means that if the leaks about him being a mage are true — and I can’t see why the wouldn’t be — he probably dabbles a bit in damage and healing. Of course, we’ll have to wait until later this week for Hi-Rez to drop all the details about that.



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