Hi-Rez is making a number of adjustments to the level requirements needed to enter certain game modes in SMITE. These changes are part of an effort to better the new player experience as well as match quality for everyone.

With the launch of patch 4.2, even level one players will be able to queue for Normal Conquest, Arena, and Joust modes. The rest of the game modes will require players to reach level 15 — with the exceptions of Clash and Assault Co-Op vs. AI.

According to the post on the forums, this will result in the following changes.

  • It gives brand new players immediate access to the premier game mode, Conquest, at level 1. Players who install SMITE to play Conquest can now queue for this mode without having to grind a few levels. So if you are already familiar with the traditional 3-Lane MOBA format, or downloading SMITE after watching the SPL, you can now hop right into Conquest and start learning.

  • It focuses players level 1-15 into the Conquest, Arena, and Joust queues, so they are more likely to be matched with each other. This means faster queue times and higher quality matches for new players. This also decreases the chance of players level 1-15 being matched with players that are much higher level than they are.

  • Conquest, Arena, and Joust have the highest population, and our data shows that new players have a better experience while playing these modes. By setting new players up for success, they’ll be much more likely to continue playing, even after branching out to other modes post level 15.

The post also notes that this is the first step in a process designed to improve match quality for everyone.

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  1. This is awesome!! As a newbie i was getting destroyed by much better players and it wasn’t all that enjoyable. However, this will probably increase queue time for new players again which already takes like 2 to 3 mins.


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