Add SMITE to the list of top video game prize pools! Hi-Rez has officially announced that the prize pool for the upcoming Smite World Championships (SWC) has surpassed the $1 million mark! This makes SMITE the 4th game in history to offer a prize of over $1 million for a single event.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s plenty of time for this prize pool to grow dramatically. The way this works is that the SWC prize pool increases each time SMITE players purchase special exclusive content from the Odyssey, a special mythology themed promotion inside of the game. Over $400,000 USD in community contributions have been made to the prize pool in 7 weeks…and there’s still 14 weeks left for the prize pool to grow even more!

SWC will take place on January 9th-11th 2015, at Atlanta’s 2,750 seat Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. The event will host the top 2 teams each from North America, Europe, and China, as well as the single top team each from Brazil and Spanish-speaking Latin America.

We all now I’m not in the running for these prizes due to my terrible MOBA play, but if you think you have what it takes, here’s the qualifying event details:

  • The SMITE European Championship will be held Saturday and Sunday, November 15 to 16, 2014, at the ESL Studio in Cologne, Germany. Tickets for this event are currently sold out but you can watch live via

  • The SMITE North American Championship will be held Saturday and Sunday, November 22 to 23, 2014, at Kessel D. Stelling Ballroom in Atlanta, within the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Complex.

  • The SMITE Brazil Championship will be held December 6 at ComicCon Experience in São Paulo, Brazil. Further details to be released soon.

  • The SMITE Hispanoamérica Championship will be held November 29 in Bogota, Colombia. Further details to be released soon.

  • The SMITE China Championship will be held in Shanghai in late November. Further details to be released soon.

  • I have to say though, Hi-Rez puts together a pretty entertaining video to show exactly how much $1 million USD is in various world (and not so worldly) currencies! Check out the new SWC site!

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    1. Check your hyperlinks before you shamelessly copy and paste all your details directly from the developer’s website. “Tickets are available here.”


    2. Although there are many better mobas out there than LoL, I must say, this method of advertisement is copied 1 to 1 from Riot Games. It’s just supposed to deceive people into believing that gaming is actually a proper job with great payment… In reality however, people forget to calculate the 1 fifth of the prize pool, since its a team of five.

      And btw, League of Legends has a 2 million prize pool this season. To me, it seems like Mmobomb pays more attention to Smite than multiple other games of the same genre.

      • Even if you won as a team of five 200k is about 4 times the average middle class salary, which can be made over the course of one tournament (couple weeks?). Of course, 99.9999% of players aren’t going to get a dime, but for those that do, this does become a viable “career” in a sense, so long as you can keep winning. If you can make 200k in a couple weeks, you have alot of time to pursue other things to make money as well, like running a website through advertisements or whatever.

        Another thing to consider, I have no clue on the details about this but I know for fact that most of the “pro” vidya game teams have sponsors. It’s possible that these sponsors are paying some of the better teams with currency.

      • because League of Legends sucks. Furthermore if you want to brag about your precious league being $2 million USD, you should check out the International for dotA tournament which was a 10 million USD price pool.


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