Snail Games USA recently announced a new post-apocalyptic action RPG currently in development, called Solar Tempest. The game will feature customizable combat allowing players to combine skills in a variety of ways, for added damage and effects, something that is fairly standard in an action RPG. However, the description goes on to say that players will be able to cast spells using a mouse-tracking gesture system which isn’t so typical. Seems like something more suited for tablet or touch based devices, but we shall see.

The game currently doesn’t have any official beta news, or even an official site.

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  1. This game would be great as new dota game. Love how the champs doing their spells soo epic please make 50 more champs and change to new dota game like lol but new one i would play everyday

  2. While its overall dumb to generate hate posts about game u never haven’t played, bashing a game no one haven’t play yet brings stupid to whole new level

  3. ah another same type of game on the market different name and graphics thats it.
    i mean cmon game creators ” innovation” is beginning to disappear in your works.
    my opinion the time and effort they put on these games i rather see it on a new generation style game =(

  4. Omg why?Another point and click top prespective strategy like mmo….this is not action this is strategy dota like mmo….i hate how games are evolve every day a new dota like game appear. 🙁

  5. so is like diablo 2 , path of exile , with gender lock , lame skills , fixed weapons and subscription or pay to winb??????? who do they even promote it?> LOL.

  6. Why is everyone so negative on this site. This game is clearly in alpha to pre alpha stage which explains the small amount of lag. This videos point is to introduce the idea of the game, showing three of the obvious more to come classes and some cool skill effects. As a game developer myself, i am exited for this game as i think atm snail games is producing a lot of good content lately.

    Stop bashing games all the time.

  7. The game lagged in their own promotional video. That’s not good. Aside from the lag, all the video shows is a half dozen skills with three playable classes. Sounds like this game will be in development for at least another year. But hey, it’s an ARPG. It’s not like the market is saturated with them yet, though there have been a few recent releases. Who knows, Solar Tempest could be a welcome surprise. Can’t say for now, since, well, it’s nowhere near ready to be pushed out. Here’s to hoping, though.

    • ..Where did it lag? I saw they had slowed it down during parts of the video but I didn’t see any lag.

      As far as the game goes from watching the video, I’m at least interested to see how it panes out. I do enjoy games like this.

  8. All they can show was the skills the characters had on a laggy video? Nothing impressive, seems like one boring game. What special features does it have? What’s different about it from other games? Basically, why the heck should I play this game and not some other game? Looks like a fail.

    And it’s nothing relevant to Torchlight at all; Torchlight has some very nice features to it, this just seems like ok effects with a lot of grinding.

  9. Wow… I don’t know about you guys but I will be actully looking forward to this 😮 …but I am surprised they don’t even have an official site yet … I’ll be thankful if they made a site and mmobomb told us about it 🙂

  10. its a diablo/torchlight style game, plenty of those these days. Cant see anything special. *go’s back to marvel heroes*


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