snail games

Chinese developer Snail Games is hopping back into the MMO space after spending quite a bit of time in the mobile games market. They’re going all in and have announced three new MMO titles — Age of Wushu 2, Age of Sail II: Pirate Survival, and Savage Horizon.

As reported by MMORPG the first two games are sequels of previous Snail sandbox titles — with Age of Wushu 2 being an improvement featuring better gameplay features. Savage Horizon on the other hand is a medieval-style MMO with build and destroy mechanics. As expected, it features the high-fantasy races of Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Hafling, and Dragon.



  1. I’m still confused by what I’ve read about Savage Horizon…I’ve seen them say that Dragons are amongst the playable races…

  2. Age of Wulin 1 came out back in 2009/2010 in China, so 7-8 years later having a sequel is not too much of a stretch. The original has been starting to show its age, so hopefully the second game will come with a host of improvements.


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