Snail Games recently updated the info regarding its controversial loot system for Black Gold Online, detailing how the system will work for its North American release. After some initial confusion, we think we’ve got it puzzled out.

tl;dr: It might not be that bad, and it looks like you can play totally free, with no loot restrictions, as long as you don’t play for too long every day.

Rather than trying to directly dissect the article, let’s go with this approach: You know how when you play a game like League of Legends, PlanetSide 2, or World of Tanks and you gain experience at a normal rate for free, but you gain more and speed up your progress if you spend money? You can still get to max level or unlock everything the game has to offer (well, premium vehicles in WoT notwithstanding), but it’ll take longer for a free player to do so.

That’s how BGO works, but in regards to loot. All loot can be gained in the game normally. You won’t be unable to acquire rare loot if you’re a free player, just as how you aren’t restricted from playing certain champions in LoL or from buying certain weapons and upgrades in PS2 if you don’t spend money.

So what’s all this “Black Gold Time” stuff? That’s “extra loot,” like the bonus XP you get in the other games. Once every hour, BGO will “rate” your activity and make available to you a Vial of Time, colored white, purple, or gold, depending on its quality. The more stuff you did, the better the quality. You can purchase the loot contained in that Vial or sell it on the auction-house-like Time Exchange.

So it’s really like a getting a color-coded lockbox every hour: some unknown loot that you can pay a fee to acquire.

But here’s the surprisingly good part: Twice per day (currently; the exact number may change before launch), you can acquire one of your Vials of Time, of any color, for free. In short, if you only played BGO for two hours every day, you could play totally free with no effective restrictions on your item acquisition. And even if you didn’t want to pay for a Vial, you could still put it up for sale and get credits you could use to buy your other Vials.

So… that’s not bad, I guess? But it took at least six readings, and a few questions directed at none other than Magicman, who contacted Snail Games directly, to piece it all together. Snail Games isn’t doing itself any favors, either, with their less-than-perfect writing quality, and the overbearing “We’re doing this all for you, the player” is more likely to make players suspicious than accepting.

Still, this new info moves Black Gold Online from my “Not gonna touch with a 10-foot pole” list to “OK, maybe I’ll check it out now” list. How about you?

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  1. Bic Boi on August 28, 2013

    I see they revamped their model in response to the massive outrage. But in all seriousness; was this even necessary? If they planned on bringing it to the west, did they not do ANY market research? It’s no secret the west hates being sodomized by F2P games especially for trivial things like loot! Lockboxes are almost universally hated as a concept here.

    You can’t tell me they didn’t see this coming. No one is that blind..surely.

  2. ExHuman on August 24, 2013

    us model is not that bad, considering that playing more than 2 hours a day would be complete waste of time. I wish more companies bring f2p titles, based on time restrictions. But Its still tab targeting and I still don’t like what they did with China model. Hope no one will play it there.
    Also, Magicman`s utube nick is ClawedMagicman, if someone`s interested.

  3. some random scottish guy on August 23, 2013

    pfff still not going to play it no matter how cool it looks, im getting sick of these company’s. I just want to play a decent mmo without these company’s pimping out there games.

    Calling any game free to play that requires players to buy from the cash shop is a big joke and they just sit on there chairs laughing at us. Its one big joke I tells ya.

    Ive been burnt many times with games like this in the past and its not going to happen again, I have learned from my mistakes. So screw snail games considering they only want to screw us.

  4. Blainy on August 23, 2013

    UU it sounds ok now … il play it 2

  5. TheTruth on August 23, 2013

    Still sounds fishy to me. Better but not good at all.

  6. Magicguy on August 22, 2013

    Now that’s more i like it, ill give it a try.

  7. Slayblaze on August 22, 2013

    That does sound much better, might actually try it out in that case.

  8. Magicman on August 22, 2013

    Thanks for the shout out my friends! Happy to help, it is a little confusing until you read it like a dozen times on their site lol!

    • Verion on August 22, 2013

      Where have you been?!

    • Rabanash on August 22, 2013

      Miss ya magiman any plans on cming back f2p cast just hasnt been the same without you and brim

      • Magicman on August 23, 2013

        Sadly it didn’t work out for both MMOBomb and myself to return. 🙁 I now run a few sites for another network and Brim and the gang came with me.

        • Verion on August 23, 2013

          Anyway you could disclose said site. I love spunk but this site has really tanked in quality since you guys left.

    • zakena on August 23, 2013

      yeah man miss you alot pls do return …. hope to see you soon in action.

  9. Sharpeyes on August 22, 2013