Sony President Jim Ryan Revealed That PlayStation Has Two Unannounced Live-Service Games Coming

"Games with no end" are becoming the new first-party titles at PlayStation.

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PlayStation Live-Service Games

During a business briefing today, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan revealed that two PlayStation live-service games would release before the company's fiscal year ends in March 2023. And that's not all: a slide shared during the briefing showed that Sony plans to create several first-party live-service games over the next upcoming years.

According to VGC, Sony aims to release "12 such titles by its 2025 fiscal year...with three arriving in FY23, four in FY24, and two more in FY25." It's easy to cast speculation on existing IPs like Destiny due to Sony potentially acquiring Bungie, but Ryan confirmed that "Destiny is not included in the three games slated for FY22." Even more surprising is that it's not even one of the two unannounced games coming before March 2023. Curiously, Ryan went on to say that some of the live-service games coming over the next three years are for PC.

PlayStation is a hallmark company known for its first-party single-player titles like The Last of Us and Horizon Forbidden West, so it comes as a surprise that they're changing their priority to "games with no end." VGC speculates that one of the unannounced games could be Naughty Dog's rumored The Last of Us multiplayer game, and with good reason judging from the fact that Naughty Dog has been hiring devs for its "first standalone multiplayer game" for a bit. But a surefire title could be the rebooted car combat series Twisted Metal by Firesprite, which was acquired by Sony last year.

The rabbit hole is definitely deep with all of the IPs Sony has in its pockets. What do you think? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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