Eve Online’s New Eden is now even prettier thanks to a new visual update — “Bring Out Eve’s Colors”. Part of the Foundation Quadrant update, Bring Out Eve’s Colors buffs visuals all across Eve, including ships, structures, planets, and the appearance of everything happening in space. It implements shader adjustments, lighting changes, brightens and deeps colors, and smooths gradients.

As Eve grows older, the new update is part of CCP’s ongoing mission to set Eve up for another decade as it draws closer to its 20th anniversary. Admittedly, said anniversary is still two years away, but it’s never too early to get started making sure things are as good as they can possibly be, particularly if you’re planning on making it to your 30th anniversary.

If you’d like to see some before and after comparisons showing off the result of the changes, you can find them on the Eve Online site. There’s also a video below.

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  1. They can make this game as pretty as Black Desert online I still won’t play it. Cause it’s a Sandbox and sandboxes are BORING!

  2. CCP keep hitting on pretty, they are going to run out of pretty, CCP need to work on games play as their skill training is their most stupidous idea, as now they are locked into it. because of the SCREAMS from long term players.
    On F2P, It would be nice if the games free to play platform wasn’t so restricted by eve massively longterm, i.e. longer than the game life itself, skill training program. This skill time linked training platform kind of destroys your progress as a f2p player as your stopped at the end by hitting their brick wall of pay now or no going forward with your skills. CCP think skill training is a doddle by this restriction upon us. ITS.NOT! its actually impossible to gain all skills anyway even with paying, let alone being f2p player who gets slammed to wall for their efforts of lost time..
    Those paying for the game know they have to log in to skill check and tick those ones to keep up with the jonezzz and those at the top, know very well they can not in anyway beat eve itself in skill training, as the skills are programmed to of always been beyond eves life time..and a 20 year vet of skill training has not gotten anywhere because its impossible to do.


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