Today Jagex updated players regarding RuneScape’s login issues in a dev livestream, which was summarized on the website. Work is still ongoing to get affected accounts back into the game, but there is at least one date to share: March 23, when an “Account Integrity Review Beta” will begin.

Invited users will be able to log in to a beta world and “check over their account in detail, providing feedback via a survey.” Presumably, this is to allow affected players to see what condition their account is regarding its progression and if any data has been lost. The period for this beta will be at least four days, running until Friday the 26th and possibly longer. Naturally, this means that accounts won’t be fully restored next week.

As compensation for all their troubles, Jagex will grant impacted players “a significant in-game gift package focused on helping you make up for lost time.” Exact details of this package will be made known at a later time, and Jagex will “have open support channels” for players to issue their feedback on the quality of the compensation.

For those who are able to play, they’ll be able to enjoy the return of game updates, starting with Monday’s release of Rex Matriarchs. For those who can’t, Jagex stressed that it will remain “mindful of any content launches you miss out on” when it seeks to compensate players down the road.

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